About Nyni

Nyni [formerly VISH], founded in 2014 by Veronika Batan and Maria Dmytrieva, is renowned for its unique clothing and accessories. 

The brand focuses on creating limited collections and custom pieces. Our core values include love for people, sincerity, and care for our clients, partners, and employees. 


As a Ukrainian brand, we cherish and value traditions. In each collection, we incorporate handcrafted items, preserving the traditional craft of manual knitting and providing employment opportunities for women from various regions of Ukraine.


Unlike chasing fleeting trends, our brand cultivates a distinctive and recognizable image. We strive to create pieces with meaningful ideas and sentiments, designed to be worn not just for one season but to be passed down as heirlooms.


Social mission & vision

Nyni’s social mission is to create new jobs for Ukrainian women with limited employment opportunities, popularizing knitting craft in Ukraine and the world.

Nyni adheres to the principles of Slow Fashion. We carefully select the best natural materials, guaranteeing the unsurpassed quality of each product. We do not create excess production, all our things are made in limited quantities and often made to order.


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Ukrainian brand of designer clothes and accessories, created in 2014. Our priority is quality, simplicity, comfort and environmental friendliness.

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