Alpaca kerchief Svitanok


The 100% alpaca wool kerchief is made in a milk and grey colour. The length is adjustable by ties. You can wear it on the head, tie it across the neck, decorate your bag with it.This model is handmade and presented in two sizes.We recommend you to combine kerchief with shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, longsleeves, tops and shoppers.

SKU: 044 000-1


Production time 10-14 days


Product details

Yarn: 100% alpaca wool


Size & Fit

Size: Small: 90 cm х 60 cm
Large: 110 cm х 80 cm


Care instruction

Always choose the hand-washing mode it's the best optional garment. The temperature of water must be not higher than 30°C degrees. Keep in mind - knitwear can shrink in the hot water and stretch in the cold one. Stretch it gently to the original size and shape and let it air dry. Properly dried knitwear does not require ironing. Always keep knitwear folded on the shelf, don't use hangers. We want your favorite clothes to make you happy for as long as possible.


Handmade Craftsmanship

Crafted by our skilled women artisans, including those on maternity leave or retired, supporting them is at the heart of our social mission.


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