Handmade silver pendant Berehynia (mini)


Berehynia - is a symbol of life and fertility, the Mother of all things, who gives life and protects from evil - has come to us from the Tripoli civilization that existed on Ukrainian lands 6,000 years ago. The most common finds, which have survived to this day, were clay figurines that repeated the contours of the female body. Historians believe that the people of Tripoli worshiped a woman who, as if a goddess, could bring new life into the world, having an extraordinary divine nature. They depicted fertility goddesses naked and applied special symbolic signs to their bodies.We created our versions of Berehynia in silver and in gold-plated silver. As your personal feminine charm.

SKU: 042 200



Product details

Composition: silver 925 or gold-plated silver 925


Size & Fit

Size: 3,5 cm x 1,5 cm
Chain length: 60 cm
Weight: 9 g


Care instruction

Store it carefully separately from the other jewels inside a pouch, in a box after wiping it with soft duster cloth.
Avoid direct contact with sun and heat.
Hit or fall can cause the damage of the product.
We want your favorite jewelry to make you happy for as long as possible


Handmade Craftsmanship


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